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Luscious Leather horse care
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Luscious Leather has a range of horse care products and accessories designed by horse owners for horse owners. Constantly tested with our own horses, modified and refined as required, these products look and feel as fit for purpose as they prove themselves to be in the field. They also have a sense of style about them as Leonie feels the practicality and functionality of her products are enhanced by acknowledging that they can look good too!

Brown Hoof Care Apron Apron in soft brown suede.

Hoof Care Aprons - made from suede in a variety of colour combinations. Leonie's Hoof Care Aprons are well tried and tested for durability, fit, function & suitability on her own horses.

Hoof-Care Aprons feature:
Back view of Apron
Apron back webbing.
50 cm seatbelt webbing hip-band with girth elastic insert and quick release, easily adjustable Fastex clip. The hip-band is attached to the top of the apron on a curve and is designed to sit on the hips of the wearer to create comfort when bending over.
Apron knife pocket
Apron knife pocket.
2 Knife pockets are standard and can be positioned either on your thighs or below the knee. They are tailored to stay open ready for the hoof knife or hoof pick to simply drop into position.
The apron is split and each leg is fastened with a Velcro strap that has 2 velcro strips to enable personalised fit of each leg of the apron.
Aprons come in 3 sizes..... Small, Regular and Large. Regular fits hips from 85cm upwards. The large size is somewhat larger in the hip and length.
Basic price per apron - $170.

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Hoof Care Wrist Guards - Made from leather or suede and can be matched to Apron colours if desired. Designed to protect the user from wounds and infection from slipping with the knife, rasp marks, chipped hooves and risen clinches.

Wrist Guard
Wrist guard, can be worn with
or without gloves.
Features are:
2 sizes - Regular and Large. Regular fits most women and Large for men.
Adjustable Velcro closure.
$30 per pair.

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Rasp Covers with pocket
Rasp Covers with pocket.
Hoof Care Rasp/Nipper Covers - made from suede or leather. Simply pour some oil inside the cover and create a rust free environment for your rasp. It also protects the rasp from burring when not in use. Covers also come with a pocket to store a hoof knife with the rasp.

$15 each.

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Velcro / Webbing Hobbles - made from 50 cm seatbelt webbing backed with 50 cm velcro. These hobbles are very portable for camping, droving etc. They do not create abrasion on the horse's legs and can be fitted above the knee, on cannons or on pastern. Sizes are Pony, Regular and X Large. Regular fits all size horses if need be. Pony differs in length of the straps and X Large is slightly longer between the legs.

$45 per set.

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Plaiting Caddy
Plaiting Caddy.
Plaiting Caddy ... practical, fun, durable and colourful - made from split leather suede with a fastex clip which is quick and simple to use and adjusts the waist band to suit. Inside needle pocket - no longer do you need to wonder where you put the needle when you are half way thru plaiting, nor worry if it has fallen into the stable bedding! It will be where it belongs already at the next show! Includes scissors loops and comes in a variety of colours.

Also great for gardeners, hobbiests, and the carpenter of the house!!

$45 each.

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Tool Wrap
Tool wrap.
Tool Wrap
Tool Wraps ... made from durable canvas in a variety of colours with 2 straps to secure it shut with quick sliding fastex clips. Also features a handle to make carrying your tools easier. Specially sized pockets for your hoof care tools plus a handy elastic loop strip for those little things like texta, pen, scissors etc.

These are also handy for the hobbiest, mechanic, carpenter or as a spare set of tools to have in your vehicle.

$60 each.

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Order Form for Hoof Care Apron & Accessories

APRON Colours Required:
Hip Measurement:
Length: (Hip to Bottom Edge)
Number of Pockets:
Pocket position/s:
Nail Magnet/s: (+ $30 each)
Magnet position/s:

WRIST GUARDS (remember to fill in your contact details above)

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RASP/NIPPER COVERS (remember to fill in your contact details above)

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Secondary colour: (Pockets and fringing)

TOOL WRAP (remember to fill in your contact details above)

Quantity: (+ $60/each)
(If "other", please specify.)

Referred by:
(If "word of mouth", the name of the person if known.)

EXPRESS POSTAGE on aprons, bags, chaps and gaiters is $15;
Other items $8. Save on freight by combining items.

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